National November Writing Month!

Gearing up for NaNoWriMo I was watching some Ted talks when I stumbled on one abut how we would earn money when jobs no longer existed. I was immediately hit with inspiration. Before I share my Inspirational idea I want to explain inspiration. Inspiration is not instantaneous, but it feels like that because it is … Continue reading National November Writing Month!


Roblox Parkour!

Hey guys!  While I’m not writing, doing homework, or sleeping and eating, I am playing Roblox or some other super nerdy game.  Currently working on a project with NationStates for a daily YouTube morning brew, but still in the works, so until then enjoy my Roblox Parkour!  God Bless! Here’s a quote:

Essay: On the American Public School System [Draft]

The American school system extends from as early as five years of age all the way up to eighteen or nineteen for free and public education. College extends an education farther but you have to pay. For the sake of this piece I will be focusing on mainly the upper levels of the school system … Continue reading Essay: On the American Public School System [Draft]

A Story of Some Sort or Another

Ben had always commanded a certain level of Authority, but nowadays he could walk less than five feet without someone, recruit, servant, or otherwise, saluting him. He didn't dislike it but the constant memorization of how he got to this point made his body ache. The path had been gruesome and many dear friends had … Continue reading A Story of Some Sort or Another