Life These Days – Personal Narrative and Fun Facts

First, I'd like to appreciate Roger Moore as James Bond. He ran the longest hired run as the suave agent, and he recently died. He had been a many year survivor of Prostate Cancer and played in many films as well as serving in World War II. The world will ever remember his contributions to … Continue reading Life These Days – Personal Narrative and Fun Facts

New Book! (trying to actually finish this one)

I started a new book! Yes, like my fifty third... Anyways, I started it on watt pad and I'm setting reminders of when to write and publish chapters. It is about a main character named John Revan Einshuster. (Aye-N-Shoe-Stir)   The world is changing, and John has┬ámade it his mission to keep the peace across … Continue reading New Book! (trying to actually finish this one)


I'm walking around, the people all talking Trump's the cause of all this flocking Black's are mad, somebody shot 'em Mexicans are hiding, afraid of deporting What are we doing about all this conflict? Right now my town's not saying nothing They're good people but they stand unmoving no attempt to make a social change … Continue reading Something

Writing in the world of Minecraft!

I finally found an excuse to get around to writing my first ever Unofficial Minecraft Novel! I am still working on my fantasy Novel and my Naval Academy Novels, but they will wait a bit as this writing task is fun and I'm really pumped. The premise is a kingdom me and two friends made … Continue reading Writing in the world of Minecraft!

A Story I’ve started writing

I've started a story in my Yoda journal. (Fabulous I know). I will be adding it to a page within the weekend! The page will be updated with my writing whenever I'm done editing each section. I just wanted to let you guys know! Find out what it's about this weekend!

A Poem of Need

I'm sitting in English, wishing I could be writing. My teacher is cool, he's my kind of nerdy. I hate our unit, ACT prep but it's stupid. I could be reading, instead I'm sitting here instead. thirty six words, I'm actually getting somewhere. I probably should listen... eh, Don't really care. I'm tired and depressed, … Continue reading A Poem of Need

Three Line Tales: The Lady in the Car back Home

She stood there posing for the camera. Her husband was away in the war and she needed an income. This disgusted her, all this publicity and the exposed neckline. What else could she do though? He sifted through the mail. He found a magazine he rarely looked at but decided to pick it up this … Continue reading Three Line Tales: The Lady in the Car back Home

Taking a Break, Refocusing

I am about to take a serious revamp, starting now and ending at spring break! Read more here!