Daily Prompt: Wrinkle

I walk an edge. Sharp as knife blade yet expansive, bigger than anything the universe itself could create. I exist with time, nay. I have become time. The eternal watcher, the jumper, the man who has friends in every time period, the savior of the free world. So many titles, yet none bring a greater … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Wrinkle


Visions of Love

I opened the door. It was the only door in the entire place. The knob was cold, as was my countenance, I had been sleeping really well. The creak was the sound I imagined my Love wretched heart made daily. Stepping in I saw her, the girl I had been addicted to for so long. … Continue reading Visions of Love

Roblox Parkour!

Hey guys!  While I’m not writing, doing homework, or sleeping and eating, I am playing Roblox or some other super nerdy game.  Currently working on a project with NationStates for a daily YouTube morning brew, but still in the works, so until then enjoy my Roblox Parkour!  God Bless! Here’s a quote: