Life These Days – Personal Narrative and Fun Facts

First, I’d like to appreciate Roger Moore as James Bond. He ran the longest hired run as the suave agent, and he recently died. He had been a many year survivor of Prostate Cancer and played in many films as well as serving in World War II. The world will ever remember his contributions to the entertainment of millions.


Now that we got that sadness out of the way, GOOD NEWS: I found another fantastic book! After running and falling with continuing the Jack Ryan series, as well as the new Quest Series with Lisa McMann, I am very excited to be almost a quarter of the way through Peter V. Brett’s The Warded Man with accolades from Charlaine Harris, The Kansas City Star, Library Journal, Booklist, and many others. Terry Brooks is quoted on the beautiful cover as saying “Brilliant, with action and suspense all the way.”

Now, Usually I see this and think oh well, lot’s of books say that. But I am currently on chapter three and am falling in love with the two main characters I have been introduced to so far. Suspenseful is almost underdescribing the nail biting that goes on in my office/bedroom/studio/nook when I am or am not reading this book. (More when I am NOT reading this book).


Now to the matters of life. I am gearing myself up for an amazing week at the naval academy this summer. One issue, my wrist is not in any condition for pushups so any prayer is welcomed. I need healing and like now. I will be off the blogging stunt for a while this summer so sorry If you enjoy reading my gibberish posts between the not-so-well-written works of art here. Thanks for the support everyone!


Well, it is back to reading for me, school’s out tomorrow and work work work till the sun goes down. Have a blessed day!


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