New Book! (trying to actually finish this one)

I started a new book! Yes, like my fifty third… Anyways, I started it on watt pad and I’m setting reminders of when to write and publish chapters. It is about a main character named John Revan Einshuster. (Aye-N-Shoe-Stir)


The world is changing, and John has made it his mission to keep the peace across the globe. Successful as he had hoped, he decides to attempt to rid the world of any large stashes of Nuclear weapons. Germany mistakes his actions as American insurgency and tensions rise. Will John be able to accomplish world peace and fend off world war three? Or will he play a  key role in the warfare to end the conflict quickly?


That is not the official synopsis but it is what I more or less envision in the back of the book. I’m super excited, Kind of hoping to build a series around his character.


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