Taking a Break, Refocusing

I have had a lot of realization over the last couple days. First, I’m rejoining the club swim team to gear up for a come back my senior year to the YMCA swim team world. Second, I’m de-cluttering my life as much as possible, dropping some friends, adding one or two new ones, and trying to focus on what I love doing. This de cluttering process includes my Planet in the Night series. Sadly I didn’t get very far but it wasn’t fully fledged anyways and I didn’t put in the commitment I owe readers for a story like that.

Here are some of my short term goals when it comes to my life and my writing:

  1. Start writing a non-fiction on new monasticism
  2. finish worldbuilding and start a manuscript for fantasy series/novel
  3. start planning my unofficial minecraft lore novel
  4. start acting out my monastic views and my christian values
  5. pray more and be more devoted to school
  6. work slightly less so I have some more time

I also plan on adding some business ventures on the side including Fiverr, Twitter quotes/bible verses/history/etc, and possibly reselling iPhone accessories.

I am currently revamping my YouTube channel so hopefully I’ll garner some more subscribers and returning viewers who will share with their friends.

I have to go for a while! I hope you all enjoyed this! I’ll be post silent for a while but I’ll be sure to return to comments, emails, and other contact if at all possible!


Have you watched LEGO Batman? If so what did you think? What are some movies you all are looking forwards to in 2017?


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