The Unwanteds and Quests



I finished The Unwanteds by Lisa Mcmann a while back. (I have all of them in hard back and the first six are signed by Lisa… ) I loved that series! I live and breathed with Alex, and I honestly think that I am about fifty percent Alex and fifty Aaron, although I like to think I’m an eclectic personality consisting of multiple of my favorite characters. Anyways, I died when Alex lost Aaron, and Simber (He is back! I’m so happy!), and Mr. Today.

I have now started The Unwanteds Quests. The writing is just as beautiful, the world is still intriguing, but my mind stagnates at reading the twins point of view.

I have a theory.

I love Alex, as a character, and I connect with him on a very emotional, and probably too deep, level. The twins disobey him all the time, they think thin thoughts about his situation now that he has lost his left arm, and they are pretty ugly towards him with their actions and lack of ability to listen to his orders. I’m pretty sure that my mind is rebelling against allowing them to do that simply by not letting me read very well. It keeps not letting me read and I think its because I want to stay connected to Alex’s character but it’s hard to do that when I am reading a third person limited story from rebelling twins points of views.

Now, those of you people who lead a more ‘normal’ life will call me crazy, but the crazies have all the fun. Yes, I probably shouldn’t connect so much to a certain fcitional character. Yes, I need more real friends. Real ones. Yes, I can read quests without thinking about it. But where is the fun in any of that?!

Do not misunderstand me. I LOVE the book and its premise, but I think my connection with Alex is a bit too strong to read from the twins perspective… I will finish it though. It is written by Lisa McMann and it is part of the Unwanteds world so I have a serious obligation to finish it.

If anybody has tips on how to deal with this they are welcome! Comment what you think about The Unwanteds and The Unwanteds Quests!


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