Balancing School and Life

Balance here is a tricky one. School is eight hours day and then extra curricular expands into whatever time you may have left. How does one have an option to pursue social activities or construct some form of a social life? Well, the options are limited for a highly active and very involved student. One schedule might look like this:

5:00 wakeup/read/getready for school

7:00 small ensemble practice band

8:00 school starts

3:10 school ends

4:00 work at the Ymca/McDonalds/Taco Bell

7:30 off work, homework

9:00 go to bed

This doesn’t exactly leave a bunch of time for social activities with friends or family. Movies, dinner out, even just reading a good book is left in the background with the demands of an intensive high school career. I would like to go to the Naval Academy and it makes high school that much more intense as I need to be the best of the best to even think about getting in. Writing also happens to get in the way. But all is not lost!

Weekends! The glorious weekend is a golden opportunity for personal improvement, hanging with friends, working on businesses, and writing that long forgotten novel idea. My weekend usually consists of productive ones and non-productive weekends. Mostly it hinges on which friend I spend the night with. If I spend the night at my swim buddy’s house it’s usually super productive as we stay up till four in the AM working on who knows what projects, whereas as my tennis friend’s house is so unproductive we are up to the ungodly hours of five and six watching Rick and Morty and playing Black Ops III.


How do you balance your time? What are ways you think people can balance their time really well? Comment and discuss!


2 thoughts on “Balancing School and Life

  1. Aw, man, I do not miss those days. My schedule looked like this in tenth grade. I almost blew my brains out. I understand the pain and torture involved with finding balance (if there is any):
    6:00 AM: Write/Edit Novel
    7:00 Do homework/Get Ready/Skip Breakfast
    8:00 School Starts
    2:00 PM: School Ends
    2:30 Work at Insurance Company
    5:00 Volunteer at Hospice/Tutor Kids
    6:00 First meal of the day
    7:00 Start Math Homework
    10:00 Start on all other Homework
    12:00 AM: Write/Edit Novel
    1:00 Sleep

    And people wonder why kids don’t want to go to college… 😛

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    1. I totally get that! I’m sixteen and my writing is now down to weekends and school breaks.. my school goes from 8:00 (i have stuff before that at school most days now) to 3:10 and i usually have a few lessons throughout the week


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