Busy Life and a Dance

My life is getting progressively busier as days go on. I feel like I spend more time in each class every day and I am tired and whiny. It gets annoying to myself let alone my two friends. Anyways, school is picking up although we are expected to have lots of ice Thursday evening so hopefully well be out Friday, Monday, Tuesday from school!


Another note, I have a dance on Friday, the 20th. I asked a girl I like, not the one that dislikes the military. (She blocked me XD) This girl is nice. I hope it goes well, I’d like to look at dating her soon but I’m not planning on pushing it.

Sorry I know this post was short. My mind is gone today. First off, check out a guy called NF and listen to his song “Real” it is really good along with “Intro”. Secondly, What do you have going on in your life? Interesting trips? School events? Comment or email me! I love talking to you guys!


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