Sherlock Holmes and Thoughts about a special Female

I have always loved Sherlock Holmes, and after the books my favorite representation is done by Robert Downy Jr. in his two, soon to be three, movie epic directed by Guy Ritchie. I always happen to watch these movies or read the stories when I’m feeling philosophical or theological or otherwise a noteworthy thinker and today it happens to be on the topic of a person of Christian faith happening upon joining the military of the United States. Now, I am clear that I believe it is perfectly fine. My issue tonight is about a girl I had recently had quite an interest in. Her belief is that a Christian is called to be a light and love people and I agree. She takes it to the extent that the military is of the world and that Christians therefore should not join the military. I disagree but I cannot fault her for her beliefs as they are grounded in faith and biblical reason. I would not say that either of us are more right or wrong in our respects as I believe the Military is necessary and she thinks the military is only necessary in a worldly sense. I do believe however that this rift in beliefs would cause serious issues so I highly doubt anymore forward momentum alongside her.

On the note of my other blog “The Planet in The Night” I will be working on a sequel episode this weekend as I have all day off tomorrow again to do nothing.

Would anyone be interested in history? I have a close friend from highschool who is starting a history discussion blog if anyone is interested in joining in.

What do you have running around in your skull? Do you have any poetry/creative writing you’d like me to feature on here? (no payment XD I’m broke and lifeguard for disposable income)


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