A Change in Lifestyle

I watched Rogue One: A Star Wars story last night at like 8:00 O’clock. It was absolutely amazing. I took many things away from it but I enjoy my friends explanation of it best.

Here is his Facebook post that explains exactly what I like about Chirrut Imwe.


Anyways, I think I need to change my daily life and this is how I’m going to do it.


First, I am making a planner specifically for me so I can document my daily proceedings and plan workouts, etc.

Second, I am basically moving to neo-monasticism. I’ll be praying many times throughout the day. My order’s mantra is “Iam a christian. Christ is with me.” Yes I know, a total steal from Chirrut. Anyway, I will also be trying to establish this order as a peacekeeping institution similar to the Jedi. I enjoy reading all texts of Star Wars so my order will have influences from many different order structures and moral systems but I am keeping everything strictly to Christian application, no added gobbledy gook like Jediists have added to religion.

Third, I will be partaking less in some events I used to and more investment of time in the friends I care about and the friends I truly need to find to help me grow as a Christian and the hands and feet of God.

Lastly, this done mean I will be attaining a ceremonial robe of sorts, and an everyday outfit that fits my organization but I have no tayloring skills so I’ll be looking at DealMan tormented soul hoodie with some specific pants for everyday attire, and shorts in the summer with a specific T-shirt I have yet to decide on. Then I’ll be ordering robes and the like fro ceremonial purposes. I will also be working on personal projects to aid this organization that doesn’t actually exist yetXD Some items will be included that I would enjoy to start helping America by training an elite third party force that can enter terrorist soil since we would have no affiliation to the American Government.


Well, I’m gonna go eat lunch then start working on my business plan for class. Have a blessed day everyone and I hope to talk to you soon!

I am a writer but I also enjoy talking to people as friends so if you ever need something email me, or just email me saying hi and I’d love to email back and forth over hot cocoa or something this Christmas!


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