The Pantaloon – My Favorite

The Pantaloon by Twenty One Pilots is my favorite song of all time outside of Holding onto You. I just love Twenty One Pilots, it’s almost a bad obsession sometimes. Here we go!


Your, Grandpa died, When you were nine, they said he had lost his mind. You have learned, way to soon, you should never trust the Pantaloon.

I see The Pantaloon being almost the embodiment of Atheism. Not all atheists but specifically the ones who ‘killed’ God. They will tell you Christians, your relatives in Christ, have lost their mind. You may have learned sooner than anyone expected that Christians aren’t the only one’s in the world, and you have to fight to stay alive.



You are tired, you are hurt. A moth ate through, your favorite shirt, and all your friends, they fertilize, the ground you walk, so lose your mind!

You’re tried, the world is hurting you. Annoying things like a moth eating through your shirts happen all the time. Your friends water the ground of ‘craziness’ you walk so go ahead and lose your mind. I love this verse because honestly it’s how I feel most of the time. My friends sometimes drive me crazy, and just people in my town in general, specifically high-schoolers.


Now, its your turn, to be alone. Find a wife and build yourself a home. You have learned, way too soon. You should never trust the Pantaloon. 

Yeah, being a Christian can be lonely for a bit. Find a wife and build a home in God. Again, you learned way to soon that you should never trust the Pantaloon. Basically The Pantaloon has caused you to redo your life by tearing away at the old you.


He’s seen too many stare outs between the sun and the moon and the morning now, he used to hustle all the people walking through the fair ground he’s been around so long he change’s the meaning of a chair now, because a chair now, is just a tiny island in the sea of all the people, that’ll glide across the very surface that made his bones feeble, the end can’t come soon enough but is it too soon, either way you can’t deny he is the Pantaloon.

Anyone, has been through life, but all the pain caused them to abandon faith and a chair is your savior as it separates you from everyone else in the crowd as they glide across the surface that weakened those before you. The end for him can’t come soon enough, but is it too soon? maybe he was turning back slightly. Either way, he’s been compromised by the Devil, the ultimate Pantaloon.


You, like to sleep alone, it’s colder than you’ve known, cause your skin is so, used to colder bones, its warmer in the morning, than what it is at night. Your bones are held together by your nightmares and your fright. 

You like being alone, just you and God. Your body is used to it now. It’s warmer in the morning when the Night has passed. You keep going because of your knowledge of the horrors of evil and you have a healthy fear of God.


I honestly really love this song for his use of ‘The Pantaloon’ as a representation of the Devil entering people and the world.

What are your thoughts about the meaning of this song? (I’m Christian but I appreciate all persons views as I don’t discriminate!)


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