Me, a writer, having a Crush

Having a crush as a writer can be amazing and totally ineffective all in the same moment. I want to share my feelings for a female but alas, I am horrible at speaking. I write it out and tell her how I feel in a beautifully written piece of my heart. Too bad Thomas, your too wimpy to give it to her anyways. On top of that the girl I have a crush on would not meet the approval of many people since I’m only a junior in high school. If we were both in college people could understand, but not now. Four years difference when she’s younger isn’t a great moment to behold when your friends call you a pedophile. She acts like she’s fifteen and treats me as an equal as long as I treat her like an equal. We are really good friends. Being a writer means that all of this love stuff makes perfect sense when we are crafting the scenes ourselves, but the real world dictates that our fantasies are not what happens, a writers nightmare are relationships, and the death of me they shall be.


7 thoughts on “Me, a writer, having a Crush

  1. Ah, the bane of age. People say it doesn’t matter, but when your young, it matters so, so much. When you’re both in your thirties it won’t be so bad, but during those teen years? Goddamn.. And I begrudgingly have to agree, relationships are a writer’s nightmare, but also one of his greatest muses.

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