ThreeLineTales – A Picture to Replace a Thousand Words

I stood there watching the camera. Her weight was shifted into mine but I was actually leaning back. Was it totally appropriate for us to be this close in a public photo? I didn’t know, barely cared, but my mom would freak probably. The girl, my girlfriend, had posed in a position that looked like most girls who did nasty things on the weekends would’ve posed next to their boyfriends. This was mighty awkward.

We had discussed our differences. Oddly enough she really didn’t fight what I said. I broke up with her and told her why and she pretty well accepted it. I appreciate her for that. I know she may never appreciate our relationship again but I do have to say that it was nice and sweet and I learned a lot and loved a lot. I don’t want to forget this relationship if that makes any sense to anyone.

That picture again. It was in my shoe box after I had it printed. It explained everything. We both loved each other very much, but at some point in the process of that picture my mindset changed, similar to our relationship. In that moment I realized that the picture covered every word we had ever said to each other. It was like the ultimate foreshadowing for what was to come. I began to cry.

Thanks for the ThreeLineTale!

This autobiographical tale isn’t all that far from what happened. I hope you all enjoy!

Parting Query: What is one photo you’ve been in that replaced a thousand words?


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