A Poem of Us

The day we met was a happy time

I had just began learning to rhyme

We walked together taking our time

We talked together, line after line


I loved with everything, all that I am

You gave me that back, all that you are

We had fun, we laughed, we talked back

Fights happened but we always came back


One day we got busy, you and I

I had work and you would be sick or tired

You had school and I had no time

We tried and tried but it just wasn’t quite right


I made a decision, one fateful day

You and I needed to break

I tried to tell you in an understandable way

You cired, and I heard my heart break


The rest of the day was awkward and dry

I didn’t want you to actually cry

I apologized and said goodbye

You said barely anything and left me out to dry


I can barely be in the same room anymore

My mind is abuzz with what I tore

I had my reasons, I kept no score

My heart is wounded, my brain is sore


I cared for you but It wouldn’t last

You disagreed with me in the past

We never solved those, we never passed

I didn’t want that to grow, I didn’t let it mass


Know that I loved you and I tried my best

I did all I could for you but alas

You are meant for a man better man than me

And I am destined for some girl to be


We are two candles, lit in the dark

One headed one way, the other won’t start

We have different paths, walking with God

Mine isn’t with you, sadly we are to part.


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