30 Days of Thankfulness!

Hey! SO I found this fourteen days late but that is alright. If you don’t mind I’d like to catch back up.

Day 1: Person. I am thankful for my girlfriend – who will remain nameless – She is always there and she backs me up on everything I do. Thanks baby girl;)

Day 2: Animal. My dog buddy, he is so cheerful and loving and always ready to play and snuggle under a blanket on the couch with cheesy action movies by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Day 3: Cozy Place. Girlfriend’s embrace. It is so warm and soft and I just want to stay there where my back doesn’t hurt anymore.

Day 4: Favorite Snack. Probably Cheese-its. They are just cheesy I guess.

Day 5: Place. My truck, it allows me to go places, visit people, drive my girlfriend. It is cathartic to drive it around

Day 6: Pair of Shoes. My tennis shoes, they’re my only pair of shoes I can use with any daily outfit

Day 7: Scent. My girlfriend’s hair.

Day 8: Restaurant. El Charros, great Mexican food by an actual Mexican family.

Day 9: Blog/Website. Probably Mythic Scribes. It is an awesome fantasy writers forum.

Day 10: Time of Day. 7:00 AM because I get to see my girlfriend the most then.

Day 11: Tradition. S’mores on Friday night. We have gotten away from this lately but I do enjoy this.

Day 12: Gadget. Raspberry Pi 3. I really want one but my friends all got one and they are super fun. I’m still stuck with the 2 B+ which is great for anything except youtube and movies XD

Day 13: Something Old. My Dad XD He is a great parent and is always there.
And now…

Day 14 *trumpets sound loudly*

Something New 

you know… I honestly didn’t see that coming, Should have… I didn’t.


My something New I’m thankful for is definitely Self-Publishing platforms like Amazon’s Create Space. I am going to be using it soon to self publish an anthology of some of my school essays, etc. It is easy, fast, and free to use! Check it out sometime.

<<I found this challenge via Confessions of a Reborn Girl so thank you for doing it! I really enjoy these!>>

What are you thankful for this thanksgiving?


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