Idea Generation, Jedi Obsession

Hey, for my web serial that should be starting by next week, I think I’m going to go into a mix of sci-fi and medieval fantasy, epic fantasy. I love the way that Mark Lawrence mixes the two in The Broken Empire trilogy but I think mine will be larger, like a universe of Star Wars scale. Yes, this is a huge project undertaking and I don’t expect to be done for many years with the whole world building.


Jedi Obsession

Overwhelming me is this sense of awe at Jedi. I decided to look at creating my own order of Christians that function similarly to, and resemble the Jedi Order of old. Not the new Jediist movement started on the internet, but a truly Christian monastic order that resembles the movie visualization of Jedi. Just a side project that will dictate my life:) It’s all for God!


Have a blessed day everybody!!


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