Fun Writing Aide Websites

Hey! I know, your probably thinking gross, he’s about to list a bunch of generic fantasy generator websites but that’s not completely true. Yes, these are all fun generators I use for joking and or serious writing. You have to know how to use them though as  generator can’t do your whole job for you. Here are some of my favorites:


Seventh Sanctum – I love this website for all of it’s generators and his books are great. Check it out. If you use a generator re-word the descriptions etc because they are pretty generic sounding.


DonJon – I use this to come up with planets styles etc and possible map ideas. I also partner this map maker with cartographers guild to make better maps.


Honestly, I don’t have many others, I tend to look at the ones noted on seventh sanctum for some new flare but I don’t use any of them as religiously as seventh sanctum. I hope this gave everyone some useful writing sites to help their inspiration! Have a blessed day!


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