World Building Start

Today I wanted to begin jotting down my worldbuilding items. Here is what I have planned for this week:

First, I will create a universe, planets, etc including celestial beings and the different planes of existence. Second, I will create the races, creatures, and other items that populate these areas. Third, I will begin to craft the societies and machinations of the races and create their religions, way of life, social castes, and governments. Lastly, if i get to it, I plan to make a full book series for the sole purpose of writing down my worlds, each one detailing a specific item. Similar to the Silmarillion from what I have heard of it, and it will definitely be detailed. This will take me a long time to write but I believe that having it all down, whether it gets published or not, will organize my thoughts well enough I can focus on writing the story I want to.


Now, this will be a lot of work for a week. That’s why the actual writing of the books will not happen this week, just getting in the rate of writing it all down and creating a detailed history for some amount of time. I’d be interested in any feedback you guys had over my ideas here!



Second item on my agenda: I need to create characters, and a plot line, before I write this whole thing. I have never finished fully fleshing out a character, I never really thought into it that much when I wrote, probably why I write non-fiction better. I hope that someday I will get at least four finished so I can begin to write a fantasy series. Well, I hope you all have a great day, and join me tomorrow as I go over what I’ve written!


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