Literature Muse, An Excuse to be Nerdy

Lit Muse, a club at my high school, is essentially an excuse to do whatever nerdy extravaganzas the members want to. I am now president, because nobody had done this for a long time, and my favorite teacher is the sponsor. To begin the year we are going to work on personal projects dealing with English language arts in some fashion. I don’t know what I will plan but It will be great! I hope to share the adventure with you guys! I also am starting a project to build a fantasy world, but no just any fantasy world, this world will be the ultimate culmination of some of my ideas, ideas from other people, and some twists on old tales. History will written down for the world and Novels will be written by friends and I throughout the world’s and the worlds timeline. Have a great day guys! Some essays are in the works as well!


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