Daily Journal #5 – Writing essays and Doing Homework

Hey, really splitting headache today. I hope you all have been having a good day, So I decided I wanted to write an essay on what it is for a Christian to guard their heart. Analytical Research Essay, although many people will probably discredit it simply because if they don’t believe the bible then it isn’t a valid resource but oh well. Christians are the only ones who need to read it anyways! XD I also decided that after that I will write an essay on something fun like legos or something. Halo maybe… Anyways, I have begun worldbuilding for my future fantasy series. I said future because I have started more than twenty fantasy stories and none of them get finished. Oh hey! I just had an idea! Ever wanted to have something short to start from? What do you all think about some short snippets you can base a story around and build off of? I’ll have to look into implementing that:) Sorry I missed yesterday’s post, was really rushed around after the swim meet!


Hey! This evening I should be posting a fiction short story, well short snippet. Not a full length short story… I don’t know for sure yet! Also, I’ll be posting an essay on something. Opinion, no quotes probably.


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