I have been waiting for my life to begin. The light pours in and the old cocoon of darkness falls away allowing vision. I can see the green grass around me, the bushes to my right, a bench only a few feet away. I watch, day by day. I can feel life coursing through my veins, I see people waiting for their friends or significant others on the bench. A person cried on the bench waiting for someone to come back who never would. A dog waits by its master for food, it never got any. I sit waiting, not sure for what, but I wait, and I grow. Taller, Taller, higher towards the sky, and then my waiting was done. My children began to spring up before me. I could now rest easily, tall and lumbering in the park described previously. I have been waiting, just a tree, waiting for the day I could see my kids begin to grow all over the place.


via Daily Prompt: Waiting


One thought on “Waiting

  1. Moin!Ich fahre mit meiner Familie dich besuchen! Wir sind am 19.07. und 20.07.2012 in Toronto. Damit wir dich auch wirklich treffen, wäre es schön, wenn du mir sagen könntest, wann du Training hast.Ich würde mich sehr freuen dich zu sehen, denn in der Ostkurve wirst du veit!ssmiAnnrka


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