Daily Journal #3 – Reasons and New Adventures

Hey! Yes, I missed yesterdays post. Here’s why: I am in marching band, and we had to be at the high school to pull out for a competition three hours away at 5:15 in the morning! Then, I didn’t go to sleep till almost 2:00 this morning. I woke up at 9:30 falling out of my bed to “Good Morning” by Mandisa ft. Toby Mac. Try doing that and anything else at all. Anyways, my new adventure is a Star Wars book by R.A. Salvatore an a few other personal projects. Vector Prime is a great read so far, I’m engrossed every page and on’t want to put the book down. It always leaves me pondering. Thanks Salvatore for being a great author. Next, a few friends and I are going to begin a campaign of our own homemade RPG system and lore. It will be so interesting! I based a lot of the lore off Star Wars, LOTR, and Pathfinder. Hey! New thing here! I am adding an essays page that hols my non-fiction essays! I have five or six written for school and the like but I thought I’ share them with you guys! Well, I gotta be to work at twelve, I hope you all have a very great day and comment and share this blog with your friends!


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